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About $1000 Giveaway for 3 Winners

Qubism is composed by a very professional team; in our team we have 3D
designers, smart contract developers, website developers, business
developers, user experience engineers and marketing experts.
We aim to be the number one decentralized platform for NFT, exploring all
the possible solutions to have massive user adoption, offering simplicity and
great customer support!
Here at Qubism we believe in the future of NFTs, our idea comes from a
nearby museum while we walk in a modern art gallery, and we see very
discutible art selling for millions of dollars !
At that point we understand that art has no limits and so do digital art, and
as art lovers we decide to have a big role in the NFT ecosystem as the main
NFTs are something cool and unique to show off, but many people still think
that the NFTs are only a bubble, while they truly underestimate the real
value of them, we are here to change their minds forever!
Qubism will implement a unique feature, where you can finally show your
NFTs collection in a 3D VR museum and you can directly sell your NFTs or
just showing them off to the whole world!
You will be able to make your own gallery using our friendly users App,
without having a clue about coding skills!

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