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About $100,000 Ember Token Crypto Giveaway


We burn tokens at an extremely high % while at the same time rewarding holders with dividends.

  • This is a fair launch token with 100% of supply sent to the LP and locked.
  • 7% Burn on all transactions and sent automatically by contract to the burn(0) address.
  • Total supply on launch is 100 Billion
  • There is No Mint Function in the contract so it is impossible to mint more. Total supply will only decrease with each transaction.
  • 4% tax for dividends which is redistributed back to all token holders.


The longer you hold,

the more you’re rewarded

Protected against Bots and Whales with identification code that prohibits trading of this token. 7% burn fee on all transactions 4% tax for dividends back to all token holders 2% for marketing and dev fees. We may also use these funds for token buybacks and further Burns! 3% (at start) liquidity fee, auto liquidity feature, to ensure holders will never have liquidity issues with buying and selling. Once there is sufficient liquidity the fee will be reduced. Token burn amounts and dividends will increase. In the event of insufficient liquidity this value may temporarily increase, we will prioritize liquidity at all times so users can always safely buy & sell. Set your slippage to 16%

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