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About $2000 EXIP Ecosystem Giveaway

EXIP ecosystem is custom-built to the needs of any individual, private entity or government institution.

EXIP DNS – EXIP DNS is blockchain-based, and the owner of a respective domain & top-level domain has complete control of its usage, even to the extent of provisioning new domain names via subdomains. The building blocks of our DNS are decentralized applications run on a decentralized network known as Nodes. These nodes are controlled by a community of users staked with crypto tokens to provide their computing power when domains & TLDs are purchased.

EXIP Browser & Browser Extension – The EXIP Browser & Extension will enable users to access blockchain-based DNS technologies. Users have to install the EXIP browser or browser extension to their existing browser to access decentralized domains and TLDs and existing traditional centralized domains and TLDs.

Decentralize Hosting – Users can also host their decentralized static websites via IPFS with a few button clicks from the DNS reservation system once they own a domain.

EXIP Token – The EXIP token is a crypto token being released initially on the Binance Smart Chain. 2.1 Million EXIP tokens will be minted and used to buy, sell, and auction domains & top-level domains, while token holders receive discounts when purchasing and are staked when domains & TLDs are purchased & auctioned.

TOKEN EMISSIONTOKEN – Total tokens issued will be 2,100,000 for any given time. Initially, 2.1Mn EXIP tokens will be minted in BSC (Binance Smart chain) and listed in exchanges. Simultaneously, Ethereum and stellar-based 2.1M EXIP tokens are also minted and locked in the pool wallet. When the EXIP cross 1.1+M(<50%) tokens in the sale, the Ethereum based EXIP Tokens will be listed in the market. When users want to convert the Tokens, they can come to the EXIP pool wallet, prove their ownership, convert the tokens, and transfer them to their wallets. The rest of the tokens will be sent back to pool accounts. And each chain token price and supply will be the same at any point. Even if the community wants EXIP to create any tokens in any specific blockchain in the future can be achieved by the community voting.

Prizes :

  • 100 winner(s) will receive 1 EXIP
  • 1 winner(s) will receive 250 BUSD
  • 5 winner(s) will receive 50 BUSD
  • 50 winner(s) will receive 10 BUSD

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