Enter to Win 2ND Guardian Figure 50x50x50 Giveaway

Exclusive Kickstarter Campaign figure of the second Guardian (Height = 50cm | Length = 50cm | Width = 50cm)

Get ALPHA access, BETA access, and a digital copy of the game, and join The Fall of Balance community! Gain access to the Discord Server and early access to the EASTER EGGS Section, where you will be able to see the Progress Board of the game and much more! You will also get a Digital Wallpaper Pack, the Official Soundtracks, a Digital Art Book, and your name in the Special Thanks Game’s Credits!

ATTENTION: Prize will only be given if the Kickstarter campaign succeeds. Upon that, the figure will be awarded on the 1st of September and the rest will be awarded until 25 November 2022 (ALPHA access, BETA access, a digital copy of the game, etc).

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