Enter to Win $5,000 2x Gaming PC Giveaway by Clu Coin

$5,000 2x PC GIVEAWAY!

CLUCOIN IS EXCITED TO GIVEAWAY 2 GAMING PCs!! Each PC is worth $2,500 each and professionally built by PowerGPU

Members can also take $2,000 CASH paid in BUSDQuestions about the giveaway? Join discord

ONE LUCKY PERSON will be selected for a PC on Saturday during our LIVE $25K CLU INVITATIONAL FEATURING FORTNITE. Earn more points below to improve your odds!

The second $2,500 PC is being given away in discord and is exclusive to our CLU Holders!

Instructions to participate in 2nd PC giveaway (CLU Holders only):

  1. Must be fish rank or above ($15 or more in CLU)
  2. ​Join discord.gg/clu
  3. Connect your CLU account by joining #botcommands and type !join
  4. Visit #holders-giveaway and click ????

Ready to become a CLU Holder? 

New to crypto: Watch this video on how to purchase 

Experienced: Swap Directly on Pancakeswap

Earn more entries for the chance to win!

PC Specs

  • NVIDIA ​RTX 3070
  • Intel Core i9 10850k
  • Deepcool 240EX
  • MetallicGear NEO AIR
  • Mushkin 32GB 3600 CL16
  • EVGA 750 watt
  • Custom CLU Panel
  • Professionally Built by PowerGPU

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