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Wasder Dream Computer Giveaway


First Place Prize:
The Dream Machine: “MEG Aegis Ti5 10th” Gaming Computer by MSI

MEG Aegis Ti5 10th

→ Valued at $2,999
→ Intel® Core™ i9 processor with DDR4 memory
→ up to MSI GeForce RTX™ 3080 Graphics card
→ Gaming Dial – Quick and intuitive customization control
→ Silent Storm Cooling 4 – Excellent heat dissipation design
→ Thunderbolt 3 – 8X transmission speeds transfer game data
→ 2.5G + 1G Dual LAN – Low latency gaming experience
→ WiFi 6 Technology – Wireless gaming with wired quality
→ MSI Mystic Light – Show off your gaming colors

Second Place Prize:
The Perfect Headset: ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless Headset + Base Station

→ Astro Audio V2 – immersive Audio and sound experience that delivers dialogue, music and in-game sound clearly
→ Dolby Audio delivers a cinematic, high-resolution gaming audio experience
→ Dolby Atmos – Dolby Atmos provides Object Audio, which provides a more accurate and immersive sound experience
→ Game: voice balance – gives you total control over the mix of the game and chat Audio
→ Astro command center software – the free gastro command center software gives players complete control over their Audio experience, which includes voice communication and game Audio settings
→ Battery life – 15+ hour rechargeable lithium-ion battery
→ USB sound card functionality – when using PC, USB sound card functionality provides game: voice balance, game and voice streaming

Third Place Prize:

Whether it’s precision, comfort, or customization you’re after, SCUF Impact will help you get to the next level and dominate. The Impact lets users control their experience, tailoring the controller functions and remapping the game at astonishing speed. Engineered for perfect fit and optimized reach, Impact offers wired and wireless connectivity, delivering longer, faster gameplay with more comfort.

We’ve engineered Impact to provide all the features you’ve come to expect from a PC, Mobile, and PS4 controller: dual thumbsticks, touchpad, ergonomic shape, and a bit more. SCUF Impact features include (some optional): four removable paddles, electro-magnetic remapping, adjustable hair triggers, quick shift trigger stops, interchangeable thumbsticks, high grade grip and control disc.

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