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About the Cloud 9 F-series full carbon foil + Cloud 9 Wind wing

The F-Series (froth) quiver. A fresh new outlook on the high aspect wing with a design that up, until now, could only be found throughout nature. Our cutting edge, think outside the box approach has produced something very special, something that feels absolutely incredible to ride. Each wing, a perfectly balanced blend of high aspect and low aspect. These wings deliver small, low aspect wing performance with the speed, pump and glide of a high aspect wing. Fast, fun, versatile and easy to fly. So if you like sweet buttery, lightning fast, high speed turns with glide then this is the wing for you.

Featherweight construction and perfectly balanced for easy handling and maximum performance. Our highly efficient wing profile and slight V shaped canopy increases the overall stiffness, giving you a highly responsive wing with power on demand. We kept it clean and simple on the strut, with three stiff, yet extremely comfortable wide banded handles, giving you a direct transfer of power from rider input to the wing. We also have one handle on the Leading Edge for complete depower. We didn’t want to overwhelm you with too many unnecessary handle options, this just makes it confusing and adds more weight.

Why we decided on no window? The window adds a lot of unnecessary weight, tends to get brittle and fog up over time. They give you a false sense of security for an “all clear.” There are too many blind spots when trying to peek through a tiny window and a giant window will be too heavy and not hold its shape. We decided that it made more sense for the rider to briefly lift the wing over their head for the visual “all clear” while getting a completely unobstructed view.

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