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About Apple Watch, Airpods Pro & $500 Voucher Giveaway

Apple Watch Series 6 Review

The Apple Watch Series 6 is part of Apple’s latest generation of smartwatches, featuring the S6 chip, blood oxygen monitoring, an always on display & always on altimeter with price of $399.

The Series 6 has the distinctive squarish design with rounded corners. The 40 millimeters model measures 1.56 by 1.35 by 0.42 inches, while the 44 millimeters model is a touch wider and taller, but the same thickness, at 1.73 by 1.48 by 0.42 inches. 

The inside of Series 6 features 32GB of storage and Apple’s new dualcore S6 System in Package, which it says delivers up to 20% faster performance than the S5 chip in the Watch SE & Series 5. The S6 also allows for improved screen brightness.

Airpods Pro Review

The AirPods Pro with noise cancelling on for 4.5 hours per charge. Turn the noise cancelling off and Apple says you should get 5 hours more, which is the same as the other AirPods. 

We come down on the side of turning it off being kind of pointless, even if you want to hear outside noises, the Transparency Mode is a clearer option than turning NC off, which just tends to mean you get some unclear muddy background sounds creeping in.

In other experience, listening with NC comes reliably close to that 4.5 hour claim. Charging is rapid from the case – the ability to get an hour of use from 5 minutes in the case is really handy, though not unusual for other true wireless headphones.

The case for the AirPods Pro is chunkier than the original, so they won’t slip in absolutely any pocket quite so easily, but the difference is less than you might expect, and it’s still smaller than almost all of its rivals’ cases, crucially, so there’s less of a bulge

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