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About iPhone 12 Review Giveaway

Despite being only two grams heavier than last year’s 11 Pro Max, the iPhone 12 Pro Max feels even more solid & well built. The flat edges, the matte etched glass rear and stainless steel sides are another level of elegant fit and finish. The review unit I tested was gold, and the polished sides looked like gold bar. But make no mistake, this is a big phone. If you dropped it on someone there’s a chance they’d sustain a serious injury.

Defining all this premium bigness is a 6.7 inch OLED screen, which is larger than the 6.5 inch one found on the 11 Pro Max and XS Max . The new screen makes the 12 Pro Max a sliver taller & along with those flat edges, gives the behemoth iPhone a tight robust look.

On the back of this elegant phone is a camera bump that’s thicker than an SD card. When the 12 Pro Max is on its back, there’s a noticeable gap between the phone and the surface it’s on. I realize most people are going to put a case on it, which will level things out.

About LTNM Tokens Giveaway

Bitcoin Latinum is a next-generation Bitcoin fork, which is greener, faster and more secure than Bitcoin. Using an energy efficient Proof of Stake consensus algorithm, Bitcoin Latinum plans to bring better transaction speed, lower fees and more security to high growth markets such as Media, Gaming, Telecommunication and Cloud Computing.

Forged from the brilliant mind of Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin forever revolutionized cryptocurrency and digital assets, redefining the global financial system. The original Bitcoin network was designed as a peer-to-peer payment system allowing people to transfer value without intermediaries such as payment processors or banks. As Bitcoin gained popularity its performance bottleneck became evident due to its architecture and design.

Bitcoin Latinum is engineered with five core elements: An energy-efficient Consensus algorithm, faster transactions, and a lower latency network, security and Insurance, community government, and future-enablement – making the network scalable and sustainable.

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