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About Nintendo Switch, Animal Crossing & Tom Nook Plush Toy

The Nintendo Switch has a very elegant design: rectangles mixed with a few softer curves, all parts in matte plastics. You can choose the Neon color option, whose blue and red Joy-Con controllers give it a bit more esthetic or the plainer all-gray version which gives a more cohesive look to the console. Either way, the centerpiece of the Switch is a gray rectangle with the display on it.

The dock, a rather dull rectangle of black plastic by default, is more interesting than its appearance would indicate. There’s a space for the Switch to slide into, which contains a hidden USB Type-C connector, plus a port for the AC adapter to attach. The side and back of the dock contain a total of three USB ports for plugging in accessories and an HDMI output to connect to your monitor or TV, covered by a molded flap that aims to keep your cables tidy.

Mechanically, however, the Switch is very smart. With the Joy-Cons attached to its side rails, the console behaves like a large handheld. Alternatively, you can slide the Joy-Cons off and use them separately in tabletop mode. When you play this way, you can lay the Switch flat, or prop it up on its built-in stand. Finally, there’s TV mode, where the console plugs into the included dock to play your games on a separate display.

This is the only way you’re able to play your games at their maximum 1080p resolution (in handheld mode, they default to 720p), but the console’s portability is very useful. It’s how many other Switch users and I tend to play. Handheld mode is so prevalent that Nintendo’s newer Switch Lite cannot dock to a TV at all.

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