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About Win Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX6 Review Giveaway

The new feature of the FLX6 is the introduction of Merge FX. A completely new concept that aims to help transition between wide BPM rages & genre’s. With a dedicated dial control on each deck, the DJ can select between four Merge FX. DJ users can change these 4 Merge FX between 8 presets. Alternatively, users can choose from 41 types of effects within the 4 categories to build custom Merge FX.

Pressing the central button in the center of the dial activates Merge FX & twisting the outer dial will start to apply an effect. The effect will either create a build-up or break down depending on the direction the DJ turns the dial. Automating loops, changing BPMs and applying effects in the process, the Merge FX remains active until the DJ presses the central button again to release the effect. Releasing the effect at the same time as starting the next, the merge FX makes transitioning between two genre’s more accessible and sounds dynamic and clean.

As exciting & fun Merge FX can be, the overuse of the feature will quickly sound repetitive. Much like other automated features in DJ software, we still recommend learning the skill to transition between genre’s and wide BPM ranges manually. Serato users sadly are limited to the preset default four effects with no ability to create custom mappings, a considerable drawback.

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