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About Shure SM7B + Rode Studio Arm Giveaway

The Shure SM7B reflects the company’s attention to detail and prioritization of premium construction. Two toggles allow you to select one of three responses, depending on what the situation calls for (e.g. bass roll off, flat, presence boost). The yoke mounting mechanism is brilliant and makes it easy to attach and detach the SM7B from your favorite mic stand. What’s more, the yoke’s adjustment is smooth and offers just enough resistance to keep the microphone in its deliberately placed position.

The pre-installed pop filter effectively eliminates plosives and fricatives, meaning you can speak freely without monitoring how close you are to the recording capsule. When testing the microphone, the use of an external pop filter felt redundant. Shure also provides its A7WS detachable windscreen to further reduce plosives and produce a bass-tone. To install the windscreen properly, refer to the included user guide as it requires the use of an included attachment piece.

Who should get the Shure SM7B?

Vocalists will want to save for the Shure SM7B as it’s the perfect companion for recording in a controlled environment. Users can cycle through three frequency responses: flat, bass rolloff, and presence boost, depending on the desired effect.

Professional audio mixers benefit from the high-pass frequency response: it’s great for minimizing low-frequency electronic hums from surrounding equipment. This makes post-production more efficient as it’s one less thing to edit out.

Podcasters should also think about getting this dynamic microphone. Vocal reproduction is clear and off-axis rejection is remarkably effective, thanks to the cardioid pickup pattern. Even if you can’t afford professional room treatment, the off-axis rejection mitigates unwanted background noise, again, for its crisp vocal reproduction.

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