Enter to Win Total $10,000 $MTCL Token Giveaway

-: About Airdrop :-

???? MaticLaunch will giveaway 100,000 $MTCL tokens as per the following breakdown: 

???? Leaderboard: Top 1 – 3 = 1000 $MTCL per winner

???? Leaderboard: Top 4 – 10 = 500 $MTCL per winner

???? Open Pool: Total 748 Spots = 125 $MTCL per winner

⏰ Duration: 1st July, 12:00 PM UTC to 15th July , 12:00 PM UTC

-: About MaticLaunch :-

MaticLaunch is a decentralized fundraising platform for the next generation of ideas built on Polygon. It offers teams permissionless investment pool creation functionalities while the community a governance mechanism for vetting projects.

It reduces rug pools significantly by sustainable liquidity insertion to DEX and locking generated liquidity pool tokens automatically. In the end, MaticLaunch aim to disrupt the traditional fundraising methods involving large scale investors by giving back power to community.

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