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About GMK Copper WhiteFox Eclipse Keyboard Sweepstake

The Creation Tool for Everyone

The WhiteFox Eclipse keyboard is a versatile creation tool for everyone. Its simple UX is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy for anyone to use. At the same time, its extensive customizability will impress even the most diehard enthusiasts.

The feature list is extensive—it surpasses anything on the market today. It combines the iconic style and classic design of the original WhiteFox with optimal state-of-the-art keyboard features like custom magnetic gasket mounting, QMK/VIA programmability, and multi-device Bluetooth pairing.

Magnetic Assembly

A cinch to assemble, disassemble, and customize – Rubberized magnet gaskets make assembling and disassembling the WhiteFox Eclipse fast and simple. Simply align and click into place. It’s never been easier to customize and maintain your keyboard, like lubricating stabilizers or clearing dust. This is especially useful if you choose one of the optional CNC Aluminum cases to back, as you can switch between cases easily. 

Standardized Keycap Layout

68% keyboard – Accessibility and ease of use are key principles of our design philosophy. By redesigning the classic 65% layout and adding an extra column, we’ve standardized keycap sizes and ensured that you can use any keycap set available — without the need for non-standard keycap sizes (No need for a short right shift)!  This makes aftermarket customization a breeze, allowing you to personalize your keyboard without needing to worry about whether the keycaps will fit your board.

PBT Keycaps

Durable and shine-resistant -The Cherry Profile PBT keycaps on the WhiteFox Eclipse are designed with quality and durability in mind. Their material offers a much longer lifespan than ABS keycaps and features a textured surface that is resistant to shine and wear. Its crisp,  custom legends will never fade even after years of heavy use.

Alpaca Keyboards is giving away a sealed GMK Copper from their personal collection!

Check out the upcoming Kickstarter Campaign (Launching 4/6/23 at 10 AM PST)

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