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About Win Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet + Kindle Unlimited Sweepstake

Features and Performance

The Fire HD 8 comes in black, blue, purple, or white. The base $89.99 model has 32GB of storage and ads on the lock screen; you can remove the ads for $15, or upgrade to 64GB of storage for $30. (All models have a microSD card slot for media storage that supports all current card capacities.) You can add wireless charging and more RAM, making the tablet a Fire HD 8 Plus, for an extra $20. There\’s also a Kids\’ Edition, with a rugged case, an extended warranty, and an Amazon Kids+ content subscription, for $139.99

The App Gap

The Fire HD 8\’s biggest problem is how weak Amazon\’s Appstore has become. The system UI prevents you from easily accessing apps purchased with any other store.

Apps are under a Games and Apps header on the home page. Tap on Your Games and Apps and you get an Appstore Library of everything you\’ve ever downloaded from Amazon.

Amazon\’s store lacks many apps that are in Google\’s Play store or in other third-party stores like APKPure. Most importantly, there are no Google apps. There\’s also no Kayak or Expedia for travel booking; no Headspace or Calm; no Marvel Comics or Marvel Unlimited; and more. 


For years now, I\’ve recommended Amazon\’s Fire line as my favorite affordable tablets. The current Fire HD 8 continues that legacy. Don\’t buy the 7-inch Fire, which has inadequate RAM; if you\’re getting a small Amazon tablet, the Fire HD 8 is a much better bet. (The Fire HD 8 Plus adds wireless charging; get that one if you intend to use it primarily as an Echo Show in a dock.)

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