The Overkill + Asus ROG Gaming Setup Sweepstake

World-Sweepstakes.comThe Overkill + Asus ROG Gaming Setup Sweepstake

The Overkill is (are) running wonderful Sweepstake to gift 1 in total of their follower(s). To enter in their latest Sweepstake grab your free entries by click the Sweepstake link below and follow the instructions

About The Overkill + Asus ROG Gaming Setup Sweepstake

The Overkill partnered with ASUS ROG to bring you a SICK Gaming setup!

This Setup comes with Everything talked about in the Video AND is Listed in the Amazon Parts list  An Overkill Built Asus ROG Gaming PC with an RTX 4080 and an Intel 7950X3D with 32GB Ram and a BEAUTIFUL ASUS ROG 49 Inch Monitor. WITH A Herman Miller Vantum Gaming Chair!

Check out the Entire Hardware List Below 👇🏻

Make sure you bookmark the Live stream!

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