The Ultimate Christmas Sleep Bundle Sweepstake ($902 Value)

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About The Ultimate Christmas Sleep Bundle Sweepstake

Vivarays are dedicated to providing you with holistic eco friendly solutions to transform your sleep and energy

Our goal is to raise awareness about light and health while emphasizing the harmful effects of artificial light on an emotional, mental and physical level

We, as a modern society live in perpetual light with not enough rejuvenating darkness to rest fully

With VivaRays, you are not only providing your body with enough high-quality sleep every night, but are also facilitating how your body adapts to the highly lit modern way of living, while ensuring optimized health and balanced energy throughout the day.


VivaRays Clip’N’Go 3 in 1 Technology ($297)

VivaRays Kids Blue light blockers  2 in 1 Technology ($209)
VivaRays EMF Free Earphones  ($79)

VivaRays Natural Beeswax ($17)

VivaRays Organic Blackout Mask ($49)

   ​ Circadian health course with Sarah  Kleiner ($99)

 Quantum health coaching session with Roudy Nassif ($150)

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