The X World Games World Cup Championship Sweepstake

The XWG is running wonderful Sweepstake to gift 30 in total of their follower(s) with The X World Games World Cup Championship Sweepstake. To enter in their latest Sweepstake grab your free entries by click the Sweepstake link below and follow the instructions!

About The X World Games World Cup Championship Sweepstake

Guessing Stages:

Stage 1 November 21-December 3, Total prize: $500BUSD

Stage 2 December 04-December 17, Total prize: $300BUSD

Stage 3 December 18, Total prize: $200BUSD

At the end of the World Cup, 10 players will be chosen as the winners of each stage and will share in the corresponding prizes equally.

Event rules:

1. Submit the name of the team that you believe will win the World Cup after completing the corresponding task on the gleam event page.

2. Each wallet address can only participate once, based on the first submission time. Wallet addresses used to participate multiple times will not be counted as valid entries

3. The wallet address submitted for guessing must be a current player of one or more games on the X World Games platform. Rewards will not be distributed to those who have not registered in any X World Games products.

4. Participate in the quiz at any time during the event cycle, and get rewards for the corresponding quiz stage according to the time period when the player submits the quiz.

5.The list of rewards will be announced within 15 days after the end of the event, and will be distributed to the winning player’s wallet address within 3 business days after the announcement.

6.The final right of interpretation of this event belongs to X World Games.

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